Your Company & EASI

EASI Affiliates are highly qualified, independent business owners who are carefully selected, trained, and supported thereby consistently providing the same dramatic results and service for their customers using EASl's unique methods and system. EASl's ability to meet demand and provide support services to its Affiliates is the reason behind its longevity and success.

The staff at EASI has over five decades of collective experience in the field of energy efficiency dating back to the infancy of the industry. Since 1978 they have directly overseen thousands of systems, all with positive results. With billions of dollars backing our guarantee and insurance, they have never experienced a single claim.

EASI Technology Leadership

The EASI staff has been on the cutting edge of the electrical energy efficiency industry since its beginnings in the late 1970s. Since then they have pioneered many important concepts in this field. And, where the technology to fulfill these concepts was not available, they developed it. EASI is able to computer-model your electrical system and engineer and design a complete solution that is insured to reduce the soaring cost of electricity.

All Affiliates have instant access to EASI's proven, proprietary engineering and design system as well as to the immediate credibility of representing a verifiably success program that has been in operation since 1978.

Hotels and Motels

Industry: Hotel-Motel

" Our company owns and operates a full service Holiday Inn that has been treated with your energy reduction system. I recommend your system without reservation based upon their system's performance with our own facility."

"… Our monthly bill for the chillers had reduced by 15% to 20 %… the wires going to MCB (main circuit breaker) are comparatively cooler than before, this may be the reason of the less amperage passing through the circuit. Personally, I am very satisfied, and I have endorsed to the owning company the installation of Easiliners to our Air Handling Unit which hope to materialize by next year."

Office and Retail Buildings

Industry: Office Buildings

"… Our calculations show that our savings are averaging 19% per month across our lighting, motors and air conditioning. May we take this opportunity of thanking you for your professional and efficient completion of this project as well as for the advice and help you have given us on other problems we were experiencing in our store."

" (Our) energy demand has been reduced substantially. They guaranteed a savings of 13% per year, and it has been averaging around 14.5%."

Industry: Furniture Sales

" I would like to thank you for the reduction in my electrical utility bill since your company installed the electricity saving devices you recommended to us.

" We are certainly reaping the benefits of a reduced electrical expense…a reduction of 20 - 25% in our expenses."

Rubber and Plastics Processing

Industry: Rubber Molding

" Your system has been operating flawlessly for nearly a year. While you originally projected a twenty-one month pay back period for the project, I'm very pleased to report that we have already experienced only an eight-month pay back because of higher than estimated energy savings. We're nearing the completion of our plant addition and looking forward to expanding your system."

Industry: Materials Process

"… We have experienced a 28% decrease in kilowatt hours per kg of product compared to operations prior to your installation. We take this opportunity to commend your technical staff in their appraisal and willingness to adapt productivity measurement standards to those that are relevant to our operations."

Industry: Manufacturing

" Unbelievable! When you bonded a savings of 11.68% per month, we felt that it was extremely aggressive. Well, after several months of tracking, the actual results are 27.6%. This will lower our payback and increase our R.O.I. by over 50%."


Industry: Supermarket

" My records indicate that in the last seven months we have avoided about $5,200.00 in maintenance costs on our refrigeration. Our compressors are 15 years old, plus. I would normally expect to replace one to two each year. Not only haven't we replaced any - we have had no repairs to make. Also, in spite of the record-breaking heat and drought that we have been experiencing, my food cases and walk-ins have no trouble keeping up. They're colder than ever."

" I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the system I had you install in my store… I'm very pleased with the results. I appreciate your electrician repairing other existing problems in and around the store, and the fact that there was absolutely no interruption in the normal operation of my business during the installation of the system."

Theme and Amusement Parks

Industry: Theme Parks

" I have installed six of your Easiliner devices on my filter pump motors. The motors range from 15 hp to 40 hp. I am pleased to report that the average energy savings is about 18 percent."

Fresh Water and Waste Water Facilities

Industry: Water Utility

" Last night at the Board meeting I presented your analysis to the Board and was able to show how your equipment did in fact save the District the cost of the equipment in the first 36 months of operation and that we are now reaping the benefits."

College and Universities

Industry: Junior College

" Your unique approach to electrical energy conservation… and the results are excellent. For example, the work performed for our Colleges has caused our electric bills to immediately plummet by more than half!"

Industry: University

" Overall, your techniques implemented for energy conservation and products used to achieve that are based on sound and well-known theories and phenomena in the operation of a closed electrical distribution system."

High Technology Industry

Industry: Hospital

" Since the system was installed in January, we have continued to be pleased at the savings we are getting. Our average saving is still around $4,000.00 or better each month. It continues to be a pleasure to have your courteous and professional service, especially your follow-up."

" In our third floor equipment room we averaged a 13% savings with the Easiliners. On the first floor equipment room with all the initial electrical boxes, etc. we averaged 17% savings."

" My research of this device also indicates that it will assist in prolonging the life of our electric motors and light bulbs. I am pleased that this type of device is available to help us in our cost containment efforts."